Before There Was Reality, There Was A Dream

Some say I will believe it when I see it but that's actually quite backwards as you won't see a thing until you believe it. 
Create an Angel Investor/Venture Capitalist Business called The Investment Forum that is profitable, scalable and sustainable Some desire to create multi-million/billion dollar international powerhouse businesses.  I prefer global, commercial and high end residential real estate investments that provides increased control over my time with the ability to earn unlimited profits.

Build my dream home, the Chateau D’Von (A French Chateau with Port Cochere) - $3 million 10,000 square feet on three levels with port cochere.

Floridian Bellagio Palace Second Home - $3,700,000 – This gold colored stucco home with red terracotta roof is a Mediterranean masterpiece.  I was much more lenient in terms of who designed it.  The essential purpose was to provide a winter haven to hide from ice and snow while being able to enjoy a yard filled with lush multi-colored landscaping and Canary Island Date Palms from the covered lanai.  The greatest benefit is its expansive wings which provide family opulent living without paying for pricey hotels during weekend get-a-ways and huge Florida events.

Diamond DA-42 . $400,000k  Since attending SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) Academy as a rising high school senior and riding for about two minutes in a chopper, I’ve forever looked at aricraft admiring them from a far.  I decided I wanted to have one for myself to use as personal and business travel.  The range on the DA-42 meets my requirments.

The Stable – $800,000.  Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster, Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari 360 Spider,  Full Size Truck (country boy at heart), one or two other mid-range luxury vehicles (you know, wife stuff, but they aren’t nearly as involved in the car game).

Nice Home for Mom and Mom-in-law - $500,000.  Where I’m from, people live the simple life.  10,000 square feet homes are impressive but really not at all desired, especially when you’re at active adult age.  This was more than enough to build both moms nice homes with new cars with enough money to dish out to the undeserving, yet needy, relatives. 

Charitable Contributions - $200,000 annually.  Money is good for three things, spending it, investing it and giving it away.  What’s the point otherwise?  Money is great at solving the problems it can solve and horrible at trying to solve the problems that it can’t.  Let’s make somebody’s day at the restaurant, barber shop, fund-raiser and grocery store on a regular basis.  God doesn’t need your money but be obedient and give Him His cut anyway.

Quarterly Business Trips with Downtime for Vacations - $50k per annum. – There’s nothing like getting away to recharge the batteries every several weeks.  I really enjoy the Ivy League company of great events and issues in seminar type environments both in the US and abroad.  The beauty is you get to take advantage of wonderful sightseeing before, during and after the conference.  Oh and by the way, it really increases your level of knowledge and pays dividends to your overall education. 

Maintenance Team – $100,000 annually.  From tax attorneys, cpa’s, estate planners, etc. I realized I had to have to best in the business on speed dial when absolutely necessary.  A good maintenance team is the most up to date expert at doing what they do which allows me to do what I do. 

Retirement Account - $3 million.  Due to my relative youth, this account was stacked with 75% small cap stocks, international growth funds with the remaining 25% in dividend yielding bonds where the dividends were reinvested because I didn’t need the cash just yet. 

Things I Never Thought Of but Have More Than Enough Cash to Take Care of - $$$$.  You just never know.  As much as I love driving my exotic sports car, I drive it to $10 restaurants with no thought of needing to be around the exotic class of people.  The number could be substantially smaller depending on your desired lifestyle. 

Lifetime Taxes and Inflation – $20 million.  – As you can see, the bigger ticketed items were just over $12 million dollars.  Great tax guys help you substantially with tax avoidance, which is not to be confused with tax evasion.  I knew I’d pay nearly a lot over the next 30 years if I didn’t have the right team.  In any case, I added another $8-9 million dollars making the total $20 million for all the things I thought I would someone how overlook price wise.  What I will tell you is that you quickly adjust to whatever your lifestyle is and with no mortgage, aircraft or automobile payments backed by large interest bearing accounts, you simply tend not to spend a lot of extra money on “stuff”.  Therefore, I simply doubled the first $20 million and came up with  $40 million.  That was my rationale to be quite honest for arriving at that number. 

It was a number I decided while ending a very uplifting conversation with billionaire Robert Johnson.  I was having lunch with two of my friends Charlotte and Doug when Doug asked me how much did I want.  He was at a much higher number when I insisted that $40 million was good with me.  A large part of being comfortable with where I was greatly came from me doing my homework about exactly what I wanted.  Of course, if you’re just chasing money it’s never enough.  I totally realize that you have to be a catalyst for change making a difference in the world and you’ll earn more money than you can spend in two lifetimes. 

I kept that number close to me and have yet to stray from it.  The point is you should continue to dream regardless of how it looks to someone else.  This is your personal journey and if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else that’s fine, but you never know just how much your perceived chimerical thought may have been studied and appears very logical to someone else.  In my case, what I thought of as my dreams turns out to be the 1% place holder ranking of America’s elite class.  Yours does not have to be or you may want 10xs that.  What I hope I have illustrated is among many things that you have to be specific and when you do the over the top billions that many think is required for an out of this world dream lifestyle is hardly what’s needed.  Since most people don’t even want what I wanted, your ability to achieve your dreams should come a lot cheaper but you have to be BIG about it!  

If you Think Big
You Act Big
If you Act Big
You Look Big
If you Look Big
You Feel Big
If you Feel Big
You ARE Big

Anthony Von Mickle

Date Til Completion of all - July 22, 2026

My forty million was methodical.  Costs of everything are under $12 million, then I nearly doubled it for misc. things I can't see to get $20 million.  After that I doubled the $20 million for taxes and inflation over my lifespan to arrive at $40 million and voila, there's the $40 Million Dollar Dream Sheet.  I learned through the project management institute (PMI) that goals had to be SMART meaning specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timed.  I've achieved far too many great things in this life material and otherwise and never did they fall in my lap, never were they easily given, I'd pictured everyone of them long before they came to pass.

I’d like to thank billionaire business mogul, Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Capitals, Wizards, Mystics, Verizon Center, AOL as well as angel investor of Facebook and Twitter immensely for making my business of self-expression known to the masses to serve as a source of inspirations for the millions of lives he has touched and thanks for the enormous shouts out on your Business of Happiness website!